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Thomson Wright is a highly creative and professional design company with an intelligent marketing-led approach - building brands through design.

TW has provided successful design solutions for many leading companies, both large and small, including - Camelot, Carl McKenzie PT, EACA, Lilly, McVitie’s, Müller, Nestlé, PAGB, Quail Digital, Sackers, Sinclair Global and Whiting Chemicals.

Attitude  Thomson Wright works hard to give its clients better quality, better service and better value. This very dedicated and personal approach has led to many long term successful business relationships, based on exceeding expectations.

Objective  TW looks to continue to grow in stature rather than size. "Our strategy of getting better rather than bigger is paying off," says Ross Thomson. "This has resulted in client confidence in our marketing and creative skills which work effectively to achieve their own business objectives."

Creativity  Quality of design solutions is judged by achieving the maximum effect within set parameters, regardless of size or budget. Projects begin with a brainstorming session to establish exactly what is to be achieved, at whom it's aimed and how it can be best accomplished. Only when these criteria have been determined does the creative process start. "This intelligent approach helps us to come up with clear, precise and innovative ideas - on target and on budget."


If you think it’s expensive to
hire a professional, wait until
you hire an amateur!

Successful design solutions

“Get the brief right” sounds obvious, but it’s often what the client doesn’t say that’s as important. Listening, thinking and planning are essential to understanding the client’s objectives. Then the ideas and design flow in the right direction…

branding marketing

corporate and brand identity

design for print

PR promotional material

trade advertising


Maximising results from your website

Nowadays, websites must work beautifully on desktop, tablet and especially smartphones. However, it’s not just the initial design build but ongoing development that ensures the website is highly visible in searches and delivers sales leads and traffic.

responsive web design

technical development

SEO and online marketing

social media links

HTML e-marketing

set up, hosting and support


Design is selling - visually

Brand building



Quail Digital

Advance Performance


European Association of Communication Agencies


Based in Brussels, EACA represents advertising and media agencies and agency associations in Europe. Thomson Wright produced its first Annual Review, to communicate what EACA does and what it has achieved on behalf of its members. The design challenge was to convey complicated information in an attractive way, that would appeal to the highly motivated and media-savvy audience.



As a valuable key resource to its members, PAGB updated its Medicines Advertising Codes, combining the Professional and Consumer Advertising Codes. This essential "bible" for OTC PR and advertising is used daily, so the design challenge was to make it attractive yet fully functional with colour coding, divided sections and cross-index.


Quail Digital


Over ten years, Thomson Wright has helped to develop a successful brand image for Quail Digital in its four distinct trading sectors. This is backed up with sales, marketing and technical support material in multi-languages, leading to customer confidence and orders.


Advance Performance


As consultant to many leading plc companies, Advance Performance commissioned TW to design a new identity targeting its four keys areas of expertise. The successful image was applied to stationery and marketing material, as well as a credentials website.


Eurojuris International Business Group


Eurojuris is the leading network of law firms in Europe and wanted to highlight how member law firms of the International Business Group can use local legal knowledge thoughout Europe to give a better informed service for their clients. This double-gatefold leaflet gives clients a brief description of the services offered.



Brand marketing

The National Lottery

British Eggs


Bramley Apples

Boehringer Ingelheim

Camelot - the National Lottery


If you've seen this before, congratulations! Lottery Life is a bright and fun magazine but for millionaire winners of the Lottery only. It is filled with stories and news of the latest winners and the charity work they do. Of course, TV, nationals and mags love to feature the stories too!

British Eggs


Battery eggs are now banned in the European Union - the UK has complied, but not all others. This serious yet attractive independent report "Fair play or Fowl", published by BEIC, explains the issues.


Lilly - Stress Urinary Incontinence


This report on a multi-national survey of awareness and attitudes was the centrepiece at a global conference in Florence, as a key part of an ongoing worldwide initiative against stress urinary incontinence, backed jointly by Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim. By investing in good design, the report achieved considerable coverage and positive feedback, helping the continued success of the initiative.

Bramley Apples


Bramleys are cooking apples, so how do you encourage busy people to cook? This beautifully designed and photographed booklet features modern and tasty recipes. Despite our brave new internet world, people still love recipe books. And, when designed in a print efficient format, the booklet gives great value - and more importantly, great consumer pick-up.

Boehringer Ingelheim


To herald the launch of a new drug offering a new 'whole body' approach to treating depression and to generate positive press coverage, Thomson Wright designed the 'Beyond the Mind' resource pack for journalists. It was mailed in three parts building up to a 40 page guide.


Quail Digital

Carl McKenzie PT

Whiting Chemicals

Sinclair & Partners

Quail Digital


Quail Digital produces top quality professional

headset systems targeting global markets in

four specific business sectors.

Thomson Wright was tasked to evolve its brand

image and also website, making it highly visible

in generic searches, resulting in a high level of

quality sales enquiries from around the globe.

View Quail Digital website

Carl McKenzie Personal Trainer


As a personal service, rather than business, it was especially important for the website to work beautifully on mobiles, and to link effortlessly with social media and activity blog. The brand identity was developed for impact and particularly street-style leisure marketing, with the adaptable logo appearing in many different guises.

View Carl Mackenzie PT website

Whiting Chemicals


As leaders in the chemical and food ingredients supply industry for over 30 years, Whiting Chemicals commissioned a website that accurately targeted its niche market and could be easily and swiftly updated with products and information. There is a mirror ‘sister’ site for Whiting Ingredients.

View Whiting Chemicals website

Sinclair & Partners


Thomson Wright has created the new brand identity for Sinclair & Partners, an experiential marketing consultancy specialising in global client acquisition for destinations and brands. The ID was applied to a new and bespoke credentials website, optimised as laptop, tablet and mobile versions - helping to position Sinclair as a confident, authoritative and creative global brand.

View Sinclair & Partners website

Don't take our word for it...


EACA International School's annual prospectus to help raise professional standards across European communications companies.

The fresh corporate identity of Coventry based accountants Askews makes it stand out from the crowd; and is backed up with marketing and brochure material.

Camelot invited past winners
to “Be a record breaker”,
trying to set a new world record and an entry in the
Guinness Book of Records

Pocket Habitat is a unique modular vegetation system. TW developed this successful logo which represents the pocket module with its wildflowers.

British Dermatological Nursing Group (BDNG) commissioned Thomson Wright to build an online resource centre available to registered health professionals.

EACA International School’s annual prospectus, has courses
to help raise professional standards across European communications companies.

The Skills Show is the UK's
largest skills and careers event, introducing young people to work and training opportunities. TW produced TSS Showcase Guide.

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